Week 16 – A Visit From the Fantasy Jags

Twas the weekend of Christmas and all through your league

The participants watched with curious intrigue.

You have come so far and defeated all your foes

But, there is still one more match up left to go.

A champion’s crown awaits for those who succeed

Week sixteen is an important one indeed.


As the match up approaches and kickoffs draw near

You can’t help but listen to those Jags in your ear.

“Yinz ghosta play ol’ wutzhisname against the Brahns.”

“How’s abaht JuJu he rides his bike all over tahn.”

What a wonderful thought you said under your breath.

For to lose this match up is a fate worse than death.


A trophy to the victor and bragging rights galore

While the loser will have to wait another year more.

Another year of hearing others gloat

While you are stuck with a lump in your throat.

Fear not, for this is your time and your time is near.

Just remember the Fantasy Jags are right here.


Though the Jags will be taking a holiday break

We vow to our readers that we will never forsake.

Any questions you have, any last minute pleas

The Jags will answer them and answer with glee.

Whoever you choose don’t screw up and please try not to suck.

Happy Championship Week to all and to all GOOD LUCK

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