Big Ballin’ N’at – 10/21/2017

Back in the saddle.  What did I say?  We came into the year knowing it was going to be a roller-coaster ride, and it has been.  Thus far into the season, I’ve had no dud rosters.  I’ve only been under 256 DKpts once, but have yet to cash.  Money lines appear high so far this year, which is probably just attributable to the lack of defense and teams still figuring themselves out this early in the year.  If you’ve watched any games so far, play looks sloppy.  For whatever reason, this is leading to more scoring.  With that in mind, I’m breaking away from my average price approach a little bit today, with the knowledge that a few players will be sitting out of the Heat/Pacers game.  Whiteside and Turner both sitting allow me to roster a few studs on a slate with 10 games.  Let’s get to it.


Point Guard

George Hill ($5,300 @ DEN) – So far this year, Hill is my guy.  He hasn’t let me down yet and his price has yet to budge.  I’m going to continue climbing the Hill until he throws up a dud.  What’s not to like about a guy running the entire offense, averaging 32.2 minutes per game and 28 DKpts per game.  What I like about Hill too, is that he is filling the stat sheet, not well, but enough.  Last game Hill had 21 points, 5 boards, 2 dimes and 2 steals.  His 5 turnovers were no help to his final score, but with a price point in the low-mid $5Ks, scoring 33.25 DKpts is a big win.  I have a little pit in my stomach saying Fox may get some more run tonight on the second leg of a back-to-back, but Hill hasn’t let me down yet this year and I’m sticking with my guy tonight.

Others – D’Aaron Fox ($5,200), Mike Conley ($7,700)


Shooting Guard

James Harden ($10,600 vs DAL) – Not much explanation needed.  The Beard is back at the helm, with Chris Paul possible sidelined for up to a month.  It’s not like CP3 took anything away from Harden in game one, but now that he won’t even be on the floor this price doesn’t phase me.  Harden will have the ball the entire time he is on the floor.  His first two games produced an average of 51.4 DKpts/game.  Although this is technically a little below 5x value, it still generally meets it.  Harden is the kind of guy who can put up 80 DKpts on a whim.  My only (slight) hesitation is that the Rockets at 12.5 point favorites, which could lead to Harden sitting most of the 4th.  But, they have to get to that lead somehow, and I anticipate the Beard being a large part of it.

Others – Eric Gordon ($5,400), Klay Thompson ($6,500)


Small Forward

Jae Crowder ($4,800 vs ORL) – Crowder is slotting into the Cavs rotation nicely, and is still at a price I am comfortable rostering him at.  In his first two games, Crowder is averaging about 24 DKpts a game.  At $4.8K, thats about right on that 5x value floor we chase.  Pair that with the Cavs on night two of a back-to-back, with Crowder only played 25 minutes last night.  I anticipate Crowder to eclipse 30 minutes tonight and continue to get run even if this game turns into a blowout.  The Cavs are 11.5 point favorites, but Crowder slots into both the 1st and 2nd team rotations nicely.  Crowder is a safe pick at $4.8K, with the potential to log some additional minutes.  Sign me up.

Others – Devin Booker ($7,000), Al-Farouq Aminu ($5,400)


Power Forward

Blake Griffin ($9,800 vs PHO) – Anybody else watch Blake torch the Lakers on Thursday night?  Well I did, and there was nothing there to tell me that he won’t continue that kind of play all year long.  Blake was 100% the focal point of the offense, and was having his way against a Lakers team that looked as young as they are.  Lucky for Blake (and us), he gets another team of Western Conference youngsters not interested in playing any defense in the Suns, who will be on night two of a back-to-back. Pair that with this game featuring the largest O/U of the night at 219.5, and Blake was an easy lock.

Others – Thad Young ($5,900), Hoodie Melo ($6,900)



Al Jefferson ($3,500 @ MIA) – This was easy.  No Myles Turner tonight for the Pacers, and no Hassan Whiteside for the Heat.  Insert Al “Grandpa” Jefferson, who at a spry 32 has been in the league, seemingly forever.  In game 1, Jefferson was almost a 1:1 in DKpts per minute played, and this was with him coming off the bench and playing only 16 minutes.  I expect Jefferson’s usage to approach 30 minutes as the projected starting center tonight, with not much depth.  I’ve also rostered Thad Young again who I expect to see some benefit from all these guys being out.  Jefferson’s cheap salary should allow him to hit at least 5x with ease, and also allows us to get multiple studs in tonight.

Others –  Nikola Jokic ($9,300), Kevin Love ($7,500)


Final Picks:

PG – George Hill $5,300
SG – James Harden $10,600
SF – Jae Crowder $4,800
PF – Blake Griffin $9,800
C – Al Jefferson $3,500
G – Eric Gordon $5,400
F – Thad Young $5,900
UT – Al-Farouq Aminu $4,900


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