Who Yinz Got? Week 4 – Flying Solo

It’s another late post for the Jags this week. My apologies, the boss is away so I’ve been getting complacent. But have no fear, I have figured out the balance between procrastination and productivity. At least college taught me something! After having just missed out on the pay day from last week, I am back and ready to help everyone do the same this week (although we strive for excellence, we are fully aware of our capabilities). Who Yinz Got?



DJ – Case Keenum ($5,000 vs DET) – I am normally a proponent of spending some money at quarterback, especially since there have been very few consistent ones this year. I’m throwing that out the window with Case Keenum this week. After a spectacular performance against the Bucs in Week 3, Keenum gets to face the Lions at home. Now I have been burned by the Lions before (see Palmer, Week 1), but I have a good feeling about this one. Keenum has had another full week of reps with the number 1’s and his rapport with Diggs and Thielen has grown as well. Keenum is a sneaky play that will allow money to be spent elsewhere this week.


DJ –  Marcus Mariota ($6,400 @ HOU) -Marcus Mariota is the fourth most expensive quarterback this week. This screams Jagoff to me. Mariota hasn’t topped 20 DKpts all season and now he faces a Texans defense that will have him running for his life. Granted he can move pretty well, but I don’t see this play returning enough points to be relevant. Meaning Mariota still will not top 20 DKpts.

Running Back


DJ – Leonard Fournette ($6,700 @ NYJ) – Remember how I keep saying that Leonard Fournette is good? If you don’t remember I’ll say it again, Leonard Fournette is good. He’s been getting over 20 touches per game, on average, and has scored in each of the first three weeks. If that wasn’t enough to get you excited he’s playing a Jets team this week that is 24th in the league against running backs. His volume plus a bad Jets D equals massive return for his 6,700 dollar price tag.


DJ – LeSean McCoy ($8,400 @ ATL) – This one boggles my mind.  After his past two weeks of a combined 30 yards on 26 carries, McCoy’s salary is up?!?!?! It’s the second highest it’s been all season after two horrible games. It makes no sense, but makes Shady an easy choice for a Jagoff once again. I look for this game to be a high scoring game, for the home team any way. Look for the Bills to abandon the run early and leave the passing game as McCoy’s only avenue for point scoring.

Wide Receiver


DJ – Stefon Diggs ($7,100 vs DET) – Hey, if I’m buying into Case Keenum I damn well buy into his receiving options. A slot man who turned into a big play outside threat, Diggs has only had one bad game this year and I chalk that up to not having had enough reps with Keenum leading up to the game. In his second full week under center, Keenum found Diggs 8 times for 173 yards and 2 touchdowns. See what a little chemistry can do? Now that there’s a trust between Keenum and Diggs, Diggs should be targeted even more than he had been before, he’s averaging 8.3 a game, and increase his yards per game average of 97.7.


DJ – Julio Jones ($8,800 vs BUF) – Never thought I would ever write about this man as a Jagoff, but I need to address the elephant in the room. For all the scoring that the Atlanta Falcons do, none of it is Julio Jones’ doing. He will move them up and down the field, but he will not score the touchdown. This lack of scoring severely hinders Jones’ DKpts as well as his upside. It’s very difficult to spend the amount money that Julio will cost you on a person that will not find the endzone. Zero touchdowns in three games has averaged out to 15.2 fantasy points per game. Of the top 15 most expensive receivers this week, only 4 average less than Julio Jones and the most expensive of them $6,500. Julio, I love you man, but you gotta start finding the endzone.



DJ – Rob Gronkowski ($6,600 vs CAR) – It’s difficult to ever argue against Gronk. After another solid week (8-89-1), Gronk’s salary actually decreased by $200 going into this week. Another one for the this boggles my mind list, Gronk is averaging over 25% of the Patriots targets and has scores in two straight games. Easily the games best tight end, Gronk is always worth spending on.


DJ – Kyle Rudolph ($4,100 vs DET) – You know how I’m all hyped on the Vikings passing game? Well I’m hyped up for everyone but Rudolph. The Vikings offense can not sustain more than two passing options and right now Rudolph is on the outside looking in on their reindeer games. Keenum likes to use his receivers, which is evident by Rudolph’s 5-49-0 combined stat line for the two games Keenum started. Couple that with a renewed effort to run the ball by the goal-line and Rudolph won’t be saving your fantasy team this week.



DJ – Larry Fitzgerald ($6,100 vs SF) – Ol’ reliable himself came through last week with a monster performance of 13 catches for 149 yards and a touchdown. The Cardinal passing game, heck the offense for that matter, runs through Larry Fitzgerald and he put on a show for the home crowd. The 49ers defense is one of the worst in the league which should have Fitz producing big numbers again on Sunday. I don’t look for this game to get out of hand. It is actually one that the 49ers have a shot to win. With the game being close, Fitz should be heavily involved from the first snap to the last. Roll him out with confidence.

Defense/Special Teams


DJ – Detroit Lions ($2,700 @ MIN) – I’m hedging my bets here. If Keenum has a good game like I think he will, this will look foolish. However, the Lions have actually been one of the better fantasy defenses this season. They have scored a touchdown in every game this season and I’m banking on another one. They have two games where they picked off opposing quarterbacks 3 times and have posted multiple sack performances the past two weeks.


DJ – Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($3,400 vs NYG) – One day soon the Giant offense is going to wake up and start putting points on the board and I believe that week is this week. The Giants have too many weapons to be pedestrian. Just a gut feeling I have.

Since there will be no reactions this week I will post my final lineup:

QB: Case Keenum

RB: Leonard Fournette

RB: James White

WR: Stefon Diggs

WR: Mohamed Sanu

WR: Chris Hogan

TE: Rob Gronkowski

FLEX: Larry Fitzgerald

DEF/ST: Detroit Lions


Good luck to all this week. Don’t forgot to follow us on Twitter @fantasyjags412 – we look forward to hearing from you!

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