Jag on Jag Crime: Week 2

Week 2 is upon us, which means it’s time to hear why each Jag’s team sucks. Welcome back to Jag on Jag Crime, Week 2 edition.  A quick note before we begin. Jag DJ was rostering Adam Thielen as of last night. With Sam Bradford being a game time decision a lineup change was made that will reflect in the Final Picks section that will not be in the main portion of the article. This was touched on in the write up for Thielen, if Bradford plays he will be in a lineup, if not a secondary suggestion is made in the Final Picks section.  Now, let’s quickly review the scoring system, created by the late great voice of the Steelers, Myron Cope.

  • Double-Yoi – Can’t miss pick, no questions asked.
  • Yoi – Not bad, not good, the jury is still out.
  • Anti-Yoi – What were you thinking? Disagree

Chris’ Payoffs:

QB – Drew Brees; Yoi (and a half?)

  • Not quite double yoi status as I feel that he will be throwing the ball a ton to keep up with Brady and company.  That volume will get him the yards needed to be good but I worry about the volume also producing turnovers.  Still a good pick.

RB – Christian McCaffrey; Yoi

  • The Bills have a good defense, but Carolina likes to scheme to get McCaffrey the ball anyway they can. While I believe he won’t get the touchdown in this game that many hope for, he is still a great fit for DK scoring.

WR – Antonio Brown; Double-Yoi

  • Chris hit the nail right on the head. Brown at home is a monster and with the Steelers looking to put on a show for the home fans expect big things and creative touchdown dances all game Sunday.

TE – Jared Cook; Anti-Yoi

  • The Jets defense is terrible. So terrible that this game could be out of hand by halftime.  With the Raiders up big at the half I don’t see any reason that they would continue throwing the ball in the second half. If Cook was to pay off he better do it in half a game.

FLEX – LeGarrette Blount; Anti-Yoi

  • The touchdown dependent Blount will need to see the Eagles offense get into the redzone to even be usable against a Chiefs defense that showed just how good they can be last week. I don’t see Carson Wentz moving the ball like Tom Brady did last week which means no touchdown for Blount and no money for those rostering him.

D/ST – LA Chargers; Yoi

  • Shhhh…the Chargers are quietly one of the best defensive units in football. They have a defensive line that will cause the Dolphins fits and will have Jay Cutler making ill advised throws all day. We’ve seen Cutler handle pressure before and for those that don’t know he doesn’t handle it well.

Chris’ Payoffs Overall; Yoi

  • Once again taking safe bets at QB and WR, Chris did a great job mixing good picks with bad picks to get his Yoi rating. Brees, Brown, and McCaffery will return what their owners are expecting but Cook and Blount could be such an anchor that the others will have a difficult time righting the ship.

Chris’ Jagoffs:

QB – Marcus Mariota;  Yoi

  • The Titans offense is much better than the Texans that the Jags (team, not us) faced last week.  That being said they have a terrific defense that will shut down Mariota and cause him to be a Jagoff this week.

RB – Kareem Hunt; Yoi

  • While I do buy into Hunt’s talent, the price and return needed for Hunt to be a viable option this week are so high that he is almost doomed to fail. Don’t get me wrong he will put up numbers just not enough to warrant the price.

WR – Brandin Cooks;  Anti-Yoi

  • Yes, the Saints know what a weapon he can be, but that doesn’t mean they can stop him. Brady will have all day to throw and this means that all Patriot receivers, tight ends and running backs are solid plays this week.

TE – Greg Olsen;  Double-Yoi

  • I considered Olsen as my jagoff, but Chris beat me to it. Cam Newton is not a good QB and with the addition of McCaffrey the offense no longer flows through Greggy. He even lost a touchdown last week to Jonathan Stewart. That’s right Jonathan Stewart caught a touchdown last week, if that doesn’t scare you then rostering Olsen will.

D/ST – Baltimore; Anti-Yoi

  • Obviously a misguided attempt to shock readers, Baltimore will most certainly be a Payoff this week. The only reason that Cleveland was in the game last week was their defense, not the Kizer lead offense. When Kizer continues to hold onto the ball too long this week you will be glad you didn’t listen to Chris but instead listened to myself, the voice of reason.

Chris’ Jagoffs Overall; Yoi

  • Very calculated move by Chris to say Week 1 darling Kareem Hunt will be a Jagoff, like we said he will put up numbers just not enough of them. All in all good picks by Chris to fail, much like he will this week for betting against Baltimore.

DJ’s Payoffs:

QB – Jameis Winston; Yoi-ish

  • I think Winston is in a decent spot here, but the Bucs will be playing their first game of the season keeping Winston from being a double-yoi.  If Matt Ryan can’t dominate the Bears defense, what tells you that Winston will?  300 yards and 3 scores from Winston would probably have him as the top QB on the day, which I don’t see.

Ty Montgomery; Double-Yoi

  • I love the Montgomery pick here.  Atlanta has been horrendous against RBs, and Montgomery is priced just right.  If you can, get Montgomery in your lineups.

Adam Thielen; Yoi

  • The homer in me wants to say Double Anti-Yoi, but I am quite familiar with the ‘Lers secondary and Thielen is in a good matchup at a $5K price.  Strictly because he is a Viking, this week I can’t call this a double-yoi.  Keep an eye on the injury reports Sunday morning, as Bradford’s status is still not finalized.

Travis Kelce; Double-Yoi

  • It’s hard to consider Kelce anything less.  I think he is high priced, but his potential output can meet that value easily.  I wouldn’t pay for him this week, but I get it.  The Chiefs offense was explosive last week at New England, and Kelce was hardly involved.  I do expect Kelce to stuff the stat sheet a little more against Philly.

Tyreek Hill; Double-Yoi

  • There isn’t much explaining needed.  Hill’s price is unbelievably low after his Week 1 performance and breakout potential.  The only “issue” I have, is that now makes two Chiefs rostered by DJ.  I will be rostering two Raiders this weekend, so I can’t trash it too much.  But be weary of spreading yourself too thin (damnit I should take my own advice).

Baltimore; Anti-Yoi

  • See Who Yinz Got? Week 2.  Nuff said.  I already can’t wait to gloat about this one next week.

DJ’s Payoffs Overall;  Yoi

  • I like this roster, but I think DJ is being more aggressive than he was in Week 1.  He has potential breakout players at each position, but I don’t see the floors being there like they were last week.  Let’s see if the extra risk this week can push him into the money.

DJ’s Jagoffs:

QB – Cam Newton;  Double-Yoi

  • Just as with Greg Olsen for DJ, I also had Cam Newton teed up as my QB jagoff for the week before he beat me too it.  Just stay away.  Cam has not proven that he can put up consistent numbers, so there is really no point.  QB is not a position to go for high risk high reward.  Go with a stable selection, there are plenty this week.

RB – Devonta Freeman; Yoi

  • I would consider this pick as a jagoff to be ‘fair at best’.  I think the jury is still out on how Freeman and Coleman will share the ball, and DJ nailed it, I’m one of those people expecting a bounce back, and maybe it won’t happen.  A risky play here, but a solid jagoff pick.

WR – Dez Bryant;  Double-Yoi

  • This is great.  I’m also very cold on Dez,but I won’t waste your time with pleasantries, as I refuse to keep complimenting DJ.

TE – Jordan Reed;  Anti-Yoi

  • Maybe I’m falling into the TE trap of expecting red zone targets and a score, but I think Reed has good potential this week.  It is not an ideal matchup, and yes AD (HTP) is back for the Rams, but I think added pressure on Cousins equals quick passes to RBs and TEs as the receivers on the outside won’t have enough time to run their routes.  All of that and I had to get an anti-yoi in there.  Don’t forget, I am the better of the two DFSers (re: Week 1 blowout)

D/ST – Tennessee; Anti-Yoi

  • Three weeks ago, Jacksonville was in all out panic, because then the didn’t have a QB.  Bortles looked like a complete jag who belonged on the Browns earlier in the year, and I refuse to consider a D/ST facing the Jags to be a jags jagoff pick to be a jag this week…..jag. (6 ‘jags’ in one sentence, a new FJ record)

DJ’s Jagoffs Overall; Yoi

  • I reeeeeealy wanted to go with an anti-yoi here, but I agree way too much with both Cam and Dez to consider these picks bad overall.  I do disagree with Reed and TEN D/ST though, and I think Freeman is a hard one to make a concrete call on.  Given my the dominating nature of my lineups, I would recommend re-reading Who Yinz Got.  Last word for the week, another solid roster for DJ who decided to take more risks than normal.

Final Picks:

Chris DJ
QB Drew Brees
Jameis Winston
RB LaGarrette Blount Jacquizz Rodgers
RB Christian McCaffrey Ty Montgomery
WR Antonio Brown Mike Evans
WR Michael Crabtree Keenan Allen
WR Ted Ginn Jr. Adam Thielen (Cooper Kupp)
TE Jared Cook Travis Kelce
FLEX DeSean Jackson Tyreek Hill
D/ST Chargers Ravens

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