WYG Week 1 Recap

The Highlights:

(1)   Todd Gurley – At a price of $6,000, Gurley returned a value of 3.4x on his money, scoring 20.60 DKpts.  Both Jags liked Gurley in this matchup and he performed.  The Rams had the 7th highest yardage total last week and their offense seems to be firing behind Goff and Gurley.

(2)   Zach Ertz – ZE was in a clear double-yoi spot last week, and he came through by returning a 4.9x on his money, scoring 17.30 DKpts.  Ertz continues to feast against Washington, even though he has still not found the end zone against them.  Expect a price hike for Ertz in the coming weeks after a strong performance.

(3)   The Raiders – Chris selected 2 Raiders in Carr and Cooper, while DJ rostered Crabtree.  Each selection was a success.  The Raiders offense appears committed and reliant on the pass.  Their Week 2 prices reflect their performance, with each of their salaries increasing significantly.  Continue to consider these plays before their prices truly outweigh their potential output.

The Lowlights:

(1)   Doug Baldwin – Baldwin appeared to be in a good spot last week, but couldn’t find the end zone to cap off a decent day.  He caught all 4 of his targets for 63 yards, but for $6,700 you expect and NEED more than a 10 DKpt output.

(2)   D/ST – This is a primetime example of why not to pay up for D/ST.  Both the Cards and Falcons had subpar performances, but the Cardinals 8 DKpts outweighed the Falcons 5 DKpts and were $500 cheaper. D/ST is a crapshoot.  You aim for the matchup, and throw the dart.  If stuck between two matchups, choose the cheaper of the two to spend up at skill positions.

(3)   Kelvin Benjamin (Chris only) – Woof. Just woof.  Maybe it’s understood if you select a low level tight-end and he returns 3.50 DKpts, but not your WR3 pick who is supposed to be a main focal point of the Carolina offense.  Benjamin was a true letdown, and cost this Jag some dinero.

Take Away:

The Jags took two different approaches, Chris went for the home-run hitters and DJ went for consistent players with high floors.  It’s no surprise that Chris had the highest disparity in scores, with players (exclusive of D/ST) ranging from 3.50 DKpts to 20.60 DKpts.  DJ on the other hand, had players ranging from 11.90 DKpts to 20.60 DKpts and proved that the safe bet can compete and win.  The money line for our contest was at 121.94 DKpts, with the winner scoring a whopping 205.18 DKpts in a Week 1 around the NFL that seemed rather devoid of offense (aside from KC).  Chris finished at 119.08 DKpts, with DJ at 118.56 DKpts, a clear blowout.  The Jags have been here before, missing money lines is all part of the game.  Check back Saturday morning for Who Yinz Got?

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